Anita M. Owusu

I have just gone through your site. Very impressive, your skills capture an intrinsic part of people and nature that we fail to see every day.

Seema Mahmood

Tahir is an amazing talent. Not only he has managed to capture the colors so vibrantly but the expressions on the faces are just so much clear to see. There’s a picture of a young girl. If you look past the smiling face you can see her eyes shining so brightly. With hope as if […]

Nasira Tehseen

It is very hard to choose a specific topic on culture norms values traditions history and many more for our Mother Land, surely you have done difficult or sometimes impossible tasks to achieve the goals. But on the other hand the done work is superb my eyes captured the Love Care philosophy towards Pakistan. Fantastic […]

Tabassum Chughtai Murtaza

What an amazing range covered in Tahir’s photography! I am a proud Pakistani. The video is too good and exquisitely done. I don’t have words to praise. Great selection of the accompanying song. Great Job! We want more passionate Pakistanis like Tahir 🙂

Dr. Humaira Wasila

Professional, personable and amazing photography! Thank you so much for such an incomparable Pakistani photos collection that reflect culture of our country. Fantastic work, much appreciated!