Clause Euler

What is important for me as a photography trained viewer and photographer are: 1. capturing the right moment for getting an exceptional shot, while keeping the patience necessary to do what might only be one shot; 2. Sensitivity for distance against the need to be close for getting a portrait or a private /personal scene […]

Bertken De Leede

Tahir Saleem makes really beautiful pictures of Pakistan showing this beautiful country at its best. The structuring the photo gallery makes it easy to selectively view his photos. Nature or people, construction or sports, it is all sharply fixed in his shots. The friendly and humble nature of Tahir facilitates an easy environment and people […]

Carolina Membreno

Wow, really amazing pictures! Congratulations, very professional. I love them. The landscape of this country is spectacular. I never thought Pakistan would be so beautiful. Good job!

Shad Begum

After looking at the amazing photographs taken by Mr. Tahir Saleem, I must say that he is well aware of the fact that photography allows people to communicate what is important to them, helps to preserve history, facilitates communication, enables people to become artists and moves people in ways that words sometimes cannot. With this […]

Frans Werter

I would like to congratulate Tahir with his website and acknowledge his skills as professional photographer. I cherish the presentation that he made for the raising of funds in the Netherlands after the severe earthquake in Pakistan. I am not exaggerating if I say that his presentation made a great contribution to motivating Dutch school […]

Khwaja Zia Siddique

Tahir has excellent skills and very good photography collection. We observed excellent behavior during training and lot of thoughts for trainees. I learnt a lot about camera and photography.

Anita Usama Bakhtiar

It is pleasure viewing Tahir’s work. I have previously worked in rural development and have a great love for Pakistanis at that end, their livelihoods and varied culture. Absolutely wonderful work.