Nikolas Kolenich

Tahir appears to have a great understanding of focus, composition, color, contrast, rule of thirds, and capturing a moment. His timing seems close to what he is desiring.

Kristin Peter

Thanks Tahir for the showing your famous pictures. I like his photography style, seeing the people and getting in a nice vibrations. I take pictures only in a hobby and only for one year. I love to shooting streets and every day I learn more and more.

Manolo Ty

I like the Handicrafts and the Fishermen folders most. Good work! And the one of WATER. I forgot that one. A lot of ground in Pakistan covered.

Lisa Hogben

There are some really great images that I have seen. Tahir is a very good photographer because his work gives an insight into the culture in Pakistan… showing real people doing real things… I have learnt a lot. It does really reveal a lot about Pakistan that is good…and that is a voice that is […]

Mishele Ijaz

I looked at Tahir’s pictures and they are very good! I especially love the one with the close up of the hands covered in clay, amazing shot! I really enjoyed looking at the rest too.