Diana Mungu

I checked out some of your work, and your skills are amazing. I believe you capture a very authentic look in your photography. Keep up the great work!

Mahrukh Beyg

Just went through your photographs. Loved all of them. Each picture tells a story and that’s what I love about your work. It was a visual delight.

Nadia Plamadeala

Tahir’s pictures are very touching, I especially liked the portraits and the ones about child labor, with a strong social message and very powerful. Again, I can’t say anything from the technical point of view but they do transmit emotions.

Elizabeth A. Clemons

I have reviewed Tahir’s photographs on Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook, and National Geographic. I really love his action shots and that his photography feels like an experience and one that you’re actively a part of. The colors are beautiful and each picture tells an intimate truth. Excellent work!