Heather Hale

Beautiful photography, Tahir! Well done! You really put a face on a beautiful place. Well done. You should send that out to film commissions, locations expos, film and TV studios and location scouts! I’m sure they could use you as a location scout/unit photographer! Well done!

Faiza Shaikh

Wow, it is really wonderful. I cannot understand what can I say…every picture deserve appreciation and to be seen deeply.

Zoon Ahmed Khan

Tahir’s photography is much more than my words. I think he is the man who has real observation and know how to capture it through camera. Keep up the great work!

Hanni Egal

I checked out Tahir’s work and I really liked his website. It’s very well organized. I really liked his portrait photos- photography and the ones with the children. It really captures a lot of emotion, which is something I really look for when I check out photos.

Sitara Khalfey – Bhatti

I love the way Tahir captures that moment that we do not catch with our naked eye but I do through his lens. Absolutely stunning photography. Keep it up. Tahir’s pictures are simply amazing. Wish I could be nearby to attend one of his exhibitions.

Farrukh Turk

Anyone can shoot chaos but the most perceptive photographers can make compelling pictures out of uninteresting moments-Alex Tehrani…and Tahir Saleem are one of these photographers. Awesome job. All the places you captured in your camera are just out of the world. I am a big fan of Tahir’s work and really impressed. I was just […]

Sohail Siddiqui

In 1990, when I was doing my thesis on Advertising, I was looking for images from Pakistan, its culture, monuments and faces. But I couldn’t find anything and I ended up by using western image bank socks. Then time changes and computer enter in our life and media. But still there was a large gap […]