Anwar Bhatti

Tahir is known to me as professional photographer since 2003. His skills were practically observed during our Hajj in 2010 when he photographed the unforgettable moments of our life.  For me the most important aspect of the photography is his unique way of conveying the message that a thousand words cannot. His photographs usually talk those aspects which are unknown to a naked eye. His curiosity and personnel interest result in great pictures. I always found him very humble person who doesn’t take photography as “duty” and always perceive things without preparing his mind being in a hurry. That’s the main secret of his good photography!

Tahir always see the things differently and notices things which for others are oblivious to. One of the things you’ll notice is that most photos are of ordinary subjects, but are taken in an extraordinary manner; be it lighting, angle, contrast, background, foreground, focal length and so on. For example, sometimes a structure that appears ordinary by day might end up looking spectacular by night.

With the passage of time, Tahir develops the skills of covering and managing various workshops, seminars of national and international levels. The selection of background music for the workshops and showing the field realties through different beautiful pictures are some of the amazing aspects of the event management. I wish him great success in his future endeavors.

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