Bilal Ahmed

It is capturing millions of words … the passion of Tahir describes the notes of society is appreciated. We need more pictures of ‘million words’ to uncover the ‘indigenous stories’ from his side — are imminent ‘social capital’ of Pakistan. Actually, the ‘purposeful capturing’ and ‘broadcasting’ leads the agent of change — to ‘intervene’ and rising the ‘impact’ with attention of welfare leading to ‘relief’. And, several times, especially in sub-urban areas, the traditional jobs linking to Water, Fire, Wood, Animals, Vegetables, Fruits, Agriculture, Handicraft, and Cultural Dressing is the pulse of the society and describes the real Pakistan — to understand the effectiveness and ‘local-land-determination’. The beauty of Tahir’s work’ describe the societal multi-dynamics and in-depth colors of those societies — which are doing their jobs since hundred(s) of years — with ‘desi-professionalism’. It must be regarded as ‘pride of Pakistan’ and amazing asset of traditional societies. Hence, Tahir’s work is ‘greatly appreciated’ with blessing and looking forward more interesting pictures.

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