Salman Rahim

I believed that photography was only about the capability of capturing the beauty of moments by combining skills and equipment until I saw Tahir’s photography and came to know that this is something far amazing than a simple art. These photos tells me about the beautiful and amazing things that previously seemed totally ordinary. Tahir […]

Abdul Majid Khan

I can’t say enough about Mr. Tahir and his talented eye as a photographer. He truly is an artist. He perfectly captured our KP diverse culture. I am so glad that I came to know Mr. Tahir and organized his solo exhibition at Directorate of Culture Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. From the moment I met […]

Adel Khan Khilji

Passion is required in any field a person pursue in life. By going through all the images I am speechless at Tahir’s expertise and work in photography. It is off course his eye behind the camera that has captured the glorious nature. It seems so real. Very impressive and professional.

Bilal Ahmed

It is capturing millions of words … the passion of Tahir describes the notes of society is appreciated. We need more pictures of ‘million words’ to uncover the ‘indigenous stories’ from his side — are imminent ‘social capital’ of Pakistan. Actually, the ‘purposeful capturing’ and ‘broadcasting’ leads the agent of change — to ‘intervene’ and […]

Syed Mehmood Nasir

Wonderful. I watched wildlife, birds and insects section. I believe Tahir is keeping notes on locales and observations like abundant or rare. And that he is going to complete sets for example info not see all breeds of livestock.

Zarak Khan Achakzai

I am speechless about Tahir’s photography. He is amazing photographer. His each and every photo has its own story in background. I really appreciate his photography and his way of thinking.

Dr. Muhammad Akmal

I am very impressed about Tahir’s interest and passion for photography, he has captured the nature. This is true dedication to work is only seen in European nations but seldom in Asian e.g. Pakistan and India. I wish him best of luck.